Welcome from Brenna Hobson, Executive Producer & Deputy Chief Executive

Thank you for your interest in joining National Theatre of Scotland. I’m excited to share more details of these two incredibly important roles which will contribute to shaping our future and reaching our ambitions.

As the chief plate spinner of National Theatre of Scotland (NTS), I look after the practical side so that the artistic dreaming can happen; I never cease to be impressed by the creativity, talent and innovation we have in Scotland. As you can imagine, the last year has been particularly challenging, but our partners, producers and colleagues have all worked incredibly hard to ensure that we continue to ‘tell the stories that need to be told’.

We’re proud to have offered a glimmer of hope whilst theatre doors still remain closed; not only has the company honoured its contracts – paying full wages to those who were expecting to be paid from projects that have been postponed or cancelled – we also launched a programme of events, for example, Scenes for Survival (in collaboration with the BBC), to allow audiences in isolation to enjoy theatre.

We continue to be globally renowned for the boldness of our national theatre, and you will read in our Strategy Document that we work on the principle of “audacity”: This is all about what we dare to achieve; we are all about challenging and shifting the perceptions of what is possible, in the work that we make, how we make it and how we contribute to society.

In joining NTS you will work with a committed, dedicated, and pioneering team who are excited to continue to make a difference. At NTS we strive to be inclusive, outward looking, progressive and modern in our thinking and we want to maximise these characteristics by ensuring we have the most appropriate supporting culture and processes in place. A big part of that for us is working towards being an Anti-Racist organisation and improving our environmental sustainability.

In the two roles of Director of Finance & Administration and Head of Human Resources, you will work with the company in ensuring everything is in place and working effectively so that we are a resilient and sustainable organisation. Whether in the guise of systems, culture or values, it is crucial that these roles contribute to our discussions, and have their voices heard so that we can deliver our ambitions. Whether it is thinking about what’s needed now or ways of making improvements and delivering efficiencies for the longer term, these roles will make a significant impact.

I hope you read on and enjoy learning more about NTS and the roles, and if you’re excited by the challenge of joining a company which not only celebrates Scotland’s history, but also draws on its innovation and invention to look forward, I would love to hear from you.

signature of Brenna Hobson

Brenna Hobson,
Executive Producer & Deputy Chief Executive